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Feb 15, 2013 5:35am EST
? >> it would be high energy, though. >> but where do you have to go? it's going to be a little water drop, that's the mascot. >> how do you determine who's better at being a water drop than the next person? >> that's a good point. how does the water drop have to dance? >> we have a lot of mascots in the area. it's a highly skilled position, really. try being screech or one of those guys the entire day. >> i know. but that's different. this is a water drop. are you supposed to be smooth? have good flow? >> are you cool in the summertime? wisdom is thinking about it. >> we are. we're, like, how would a water drop -- i'm fascinated by it. >> more on the water drop coming up. >>> 37 at reagan national. you'd he be -- you'd be a cute water drop. >> thank you tucker. >> we call it wendell. >> no way. >> come on, tucker. you were going good until it you mixed it up. >> 32 at quantityo, 25 this morning in manassas, 30 in fredrick and in gaithersburg. it's cold outside, a little frost developing out there as we got some moisture in the atmosphere. no issu
Feb 16, 2013 5:35am EST
i was 23. i have the shape and the body and the energy i had when i was 23. it's just... it's fun. life is much more fun now. >> people love 10 minute trainer because it fits into their life, it doesn't require a huge commitment of time. you know, with 10 minute trainer the excuses are gone. >> i'm very busy. [chuckles] i'm very busy. i'm a professional, um, i'm a wife, i'm a mother... i wear lots of hats. and once i had children, forget it, i mean, they took up most of my time. i couldn't get to the gym. that was just... that was just something i couldn't fit into my schedule. 10 minute trainer appealed to me because i can do it in 10 minutes. i mean, everyone has 10 minutes. my daughter and i, in the mornings when i was getting her ready to go to school, i'd stand in my living room and say, "go brush your teeth. i'm gonna do a workout." ...bria, what did we do in the mornings when you were brushing your teeth? >> 10 minute trainer. >> she'd come out, "mommy! you have-- you're done, that's it, 10 minutes!" who likes to work out with mommy? ...with 10 minute trainer and three mont
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2